oh no!

Okay, so the name of my biz comes from the nickname my husband has had for me since we got together: “monkey.” Naturally, since I’m spinning, I added the “spun” in front of it, thinking that was kind of cutesy. Well, my husband discovered that if you google “spun monkey” the first two things that come up are sites with urban slang definitions that say “spun monkey” refers to a person who’s strung out on meth. i guess that takes the cutesy right on out of it. Hopefully, that’s not in common usage amongst knitters! Maybe I should have done a little bit more research…

Speaking of cutesy, here’s the little bean modeling his new mama-knit pumpkin sweater. It’s really, really pumpkin-y. But, I’m a winter squash freak, so I’m totally okay with that. Give me a pumpkin curry every day of the year, and I’ll be floating on a squashy cloud of gastronomic joy.


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