joke’s on me…

My born-and-raised in california brain tells me: gorgeous blue sky = the warm kiss of the sun on my face; a day to bring the spinning wheel outside with some hemp and cotton, whilst the little guy sloshes around in the wading pool. A venture out-of-doors causes my other senses (the ones that are presently living in Vermont) to deliver a completely different story to that ol’ california brain. It’s f-ing cold. The wind is bitter and biting. Kiss of the sun? I’ll have to settle for a handshake from Jack Frost.

So, we’ll spend another day at the wheel huddled by the wood stove, spinning up some really, really warm chocolate llama:

…and we’ll dip a couple pounds of squishy-soft targhee in the dyepot. The result: a whole heckuva a lot of “accidental salmon.” I’m not dis-pleased, as i think it will be a nice, relaxing color to spinny spin, but…red it ain’t. The handpainteds turned out very much to my liking, however. Sorry for the poor lighting in the photos, but the middle is an exploration of blue, grey and white, inspried by project spectrum.
By the way, Gaywool’s Silver Birch almost makes me want to keep using acid dyes.

Enjoy your day, and if there is some warmth to go along with your gorgeous sunshine…bask in it a few extra minutes for me, will ya?

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