never trust the weatherman…

All that RAIN? SNOW? Never happened. Okay, there was one rainy day, but it was WARM, California rain, and it felt amazing. The rest of our trip was sunny and perfectly lovely. Well, except for the little guy being sick and then Mr. Monkey and I coming down with it as soon as he felt better, we enjoyed every moment of being comfortable in only one layer of clothing. We missed out on visiting folks for fear of infecting them with our air-travel plague, but the little dude was feeling well enough for his birthday on Monday to enjoy a little family party, and he crossed into 2-dom with lots of smiles, cuddles and applesauce spice cake.

So, the warmth of our family, the warmth of the sun, and the warmth of our homeland singing in our hearts…well, it sealed the deal. We’re moving back home to California as soon as we figure out all the gory details of actually making it happen. We were glad to see, though, when we arrived in Vermont, that the two feet of snow had melted away. Perhaps Spring had finally come?? HA! Only an illusion, quickly dissipated by the scariest drive home ever. Snow, freezing rain and fog, lines on the road barely visible for the first two hour stretch. Once safe at home at 4 AM, the snow continued and by last night we had a fresh foot of the awful stuff and a power outage. The groundhog was apparently high as a kite when he made that “six weeks left of winter” forecast a couple months back. I suppose, then, he counts as a weatherman, and therefore, is not to be trusted.

I am, even though I feel totally kicked in the ass by the air-travel plague, soooo happy to be reunited with my spinning wheel. I missed her terribly, even though I had lots of knitting to keep me company on our journey. There were so many things about being back home that inspired me and I longed to express it with fiber.  I did start my first pair of socks and when they look like something, I’ll post pics. I made very little progress on the sweet potato sweater, but it’s hard to get anything done with a feverish toddler wanting no one and nothing but Mommy and Booby.

Oh, and here’s a goodie: The Spun Monkey Fiber Shoppe is now live and open for business! I launched yesterday, and there is a free raffle for monkeyspun yarn just for signing up for the newsletter. Check it out and let me know what you think!


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