…almost back in it…

…’cause, man, have I been out of it. The sinus infection from Hell completely disabled me for a solid week. I have not picked up a knitting needle, crochet hook, nor hunk of fluffy fiber since my last post. I’ve poked around on the computer a bit during the afternoon lulls in the railroad-spike-through-the-face pain that has accompanied this dreaded illness, but that’s about all I’ve managed to do. I’m feeling a bit atrophied and out-of-the-loop, BUT I am finally, surely now, on the mend thanks to an amazing tincture made up by a local naturopath (I love horseradish!). The pain was bad enough on Sunday that I went to the ER, but after the doctor wanted to give me a steroid pain killer (um…hello! I’m a nursing mother!) and advised me to drink sugary soda whilst on the antibiotics (so I can what–feed the bacteria that are eating the inside of my head?), I was once again unwavering in my resolve to stay far, far away from western medicine. Enter the amazing tincture, and shortly afterwards, signs of impending wellness began to appear.

I don’t think tonight will be the reunion with my wheel that I’ve been dreaming of, but perhaps tomorrow. And then, some pictures, some forward motion on the WIPs. Hell, I haven’t even started my Rusted Root for the Sexy Knitters KAL, nor the special orders that were inevitably placed on the backburner during this down-time. But, I’m back. Almost. Phew!


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