here it is:

Sigh (contended).
Although I’ve been slow to recover from under-the-weather-ness, I have not been idle. To celebrate the emergence of flower-y friends and the colors of springtime, here is some Citrus Fizz:

I’m currently in hiding/production mode to get ready for the Jamaica Fiber Festival (that is, Jamaica, Vermont), so on the offchance that any readers are that local, come check it out! I have some lofty goals for how much I’ll have ready for my table, but it’s low-stress compared to the BUST show, so I’m not sweatin’ it. The little guy is back in school, so I do have my weekday mornings back for fiber play.
Speaking of the little guy, here are his toes in the Murky Depths:
and a better shot of the yarn:

After 500 yards of that, I’m ready to play with something new, and have a fun flowery project lined up for tomorrow morning. Will post results. btw, we had honest-to-goodness sunshine the other day. I got myself a doozy of a sunburn whilst spinning out on the porch. Forecast, however, is for COLD and GLOOMY through next week. Little guy has the right idea:Run away!
Hope it’s warm where you are!

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