…you’re just too cool to be awake:

But, since I’m not as cool as the little bean, nor do I have the liberty of just takin’ a snooze whenever I damn well please, I’ve been doin’ a little spinnin.’

Anyway, two yarns behind the cut, and NO PEEKING


! Unless, of course, you don’t want to be surprised, then what can I say? Peek all you want. 🙂

For my lovely raffle winner,


A super-wiggly concoction made with some lovely handpainted roving in purples from

, some natural white suri alpaca and lots of lumps, bumps and chunks of silk noil and denim, plied with a lavender embroidery thread.

And, for a swappity swap with

, another wiggle-worm of a yarn:

And this one’s just because:

It’s a mess of fibers all jumbled up in the drum carder and I call it Rubbish. It’s the thing to do with scraps, yo.


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