Here it is, Pablo…

Your man yarn! Long-awaited, I know, but spun with love. 🙂
Lemme know if this is acceptable:
It’s called “Manly, Yes, But I Like It, Too”
Naturally grey (and super soft) border leicester/romney cross, black alpaca and wool/mohair, green romney and a wee bit of brown alpaca, spun single and squishy. 154 yards of warmth and cuddles for your noggin.

Let me know and I’ll stick in my Etsy shop

In other news, my dear friend Stephanie (Wool Peddler) brought my inventory of handspun yarn to the Mass Sheep and Wool this weekend. She had an outdoor booth with all her lovely recycled silk goodness, and displayed my yarn in baskets on her table. The weather has been gorgeous, so I’m sure she got quite a bit more traffic than I did at the Jamaica Fiber Fest last weekend. I’m still trying to figure out the html thing, but hopefully I’ll have some changes to make to the shop this week! Even if I didn’t sell very much, I’m sure it was good exposure for the website and what-not. I wish I could have gone, but circumstances did not allow. Sniff.

Enjoy the long weekend!


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