return from the Stone Age…

phew! i thought i’d be trapped there forever! but no, we took a nice, heaping helping of the ole Debt Pie and purchased a new computer, after many grueling, failed attempts at booting up the dinosaur. sad: retrieval of files/photos/etc so far not successful. happy: we’re now in MACland, and it’s portable. tee hee. note to self: back-up, back-up, BACK-UP!!! shit happens,…why not be prepared? so, after being computer-free (and not loving it) for over a week, i must now get back to the grind of trying to teach myself how to do my own website updates. at least i don’t have to call my mom and ask her to check my email.
so…no photos.
fortunately, some pics i was going to submit to The Yarn Museum are still on the camera, and the camera software will work on a Mac. most other things are lost for the time-being, except for the bits and pieces that managed to make their way onto my Flickr. from now on, photos go to Flickr and to CD. period.
preparing for another update, but determined not to do it until i can do it myself. don’t hold your breath, but i promise teasers in the meanwhile, or just lots of little Etsy updates. we shall see.
i also think i might blather more. i was absolutely certain this would just be a fiber thing, that i didn’t quite understand the concept of online journaling…but i have to admit that i’m starting to feel a little…sucked in.


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