for the love of the sun…

…here’s my go with the solar dyeing:

i’m not sure it’s working out so well…i’m afraid the colors are all just bleeding into a murky brown underneath. too much water? i usually don’t have this problem, because my usual method is to heat up my pan with the fiber in it first, then paint the dye, then cook it. therefore, it strikes quickly…but this is getting super-muddled, and i hope i didn’t just trash 6 ounces of suri!!! i suppose i could always over-dye it black or something. sigh. i’d love to be able to use this method, as our porch gets a good beating of sun when we have it…

in preparation for our little summer solstice celebration, the little guy and i went berry picking at a local organic orchard and berry farm…

4 pounds of perfect strawberries!

so, most of them are going into our summer solstice PIE, which is a combination of fresh strawberries (lining the bottom of a graham cracker crust), and strawberries that have been cooked down into a sauce with balsamic vinegar and a bit of sugar and lemon juice. OH. MY. GOD. it’s a recipe we developed over the years, and i always try something new. this time around, it’s going to be a chocolate graham cracker crust,…i’m hoping it’s not going to be too complex. oh yeah,…don’t forget the whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. 🙂
can’t wait.

oh, and here’s the little guy enjoying the fruits of our harvesting labor:

and thank you, thank you, THANK YOU

! i got my PJ in the mail yesterday. i’m so excited!

and thank you,

, for all your glowing, gushing, blush-inducing compliments on your swap yarn! shucks, girlie, i sure do appreciate the kudos. i think the scarf you made with it is gorgeous, and i can’t wait to get pics of it up on my website.

has anyone ever used Contribute for web-editing?? i decided i need to make some more changes, and i really want to do it myself this time, and my sweet web lady suggested this program, since apparently you don’t need to know html to use it. i can download a trial before i purchase it, but i thought i’d see if anyone had tried it…

happy tuesday!


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