sparkles and cuddles…

i hope you all had a lovely summer solstice…the strawberry pie rocked so hard we nearly ate the whole damn thing.

NOTE TO SELF: do not put contacts in after seeding and chopping jalapenos. hello!!! (the jamaican-style rice and beans were well worth the short-lived eyeball agony, however…let’s not do it again, okay??)

a 2nd NOTE TO SELF: do not take two-year-old to bead store without at least six other people to keep an eye on him. enough said, i’m sure. but, we found these, and i heart them muchly:

some of them will play in a few aquarium-inspired yarns…

and speaking of yarn, i have several projects in the works, including this one for

and for solstice, i needle-felted a gnome for the little guy. i will be making one for each season, so here is the summer gnome (and yes, Pavement’s “Summer Babe” is running through my head, although what i hear Steve singing is “Summer Gnome”…):

he’s quite richly dressed, but so is our summer, thanks to the frequent drenchings we’ve been getting…


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