i thought i scored at the thrift store the other day with a cone of purple plying thread…

spun this baby up for


and when i wound it off the bobbin, that “score” of a plying thread broke in several places. the stuff seemed pretty sound, but now i see that there are some spots on the cone that look kind of shredded, like it rubbed up against something abrasive…
drat! and drat again!
looks pretty, but i don’t feel good about sending it off when there’s an element that isn’t sound. sorry,

, but now i’m working on something completely different for you. it will be done tonight, but likely won’t ship until tuesday, ’cause it’ll need to dry. but it’s nifty, so i hope you don’t mind the wait!

i’m making up some more batts for the shop:

and otherwise, have been weeding the garden…i never thought i would enjoy having roses. i always thought they were just prissy, super-needy, and too damn pokey. BUT, since c pruned them last fall, they are so happy and gorgeous this year that i’m afraid i must take back my curses from the previous owners of this house for planting so many of them. i do wish there were more edibles in this garden…if we were staying we’d turn the whole thing into an edible forest garden, but since it seems we just have the summer…we will enjoy the pretty things and appreciate them bringing to us the birds and the bees…


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