oh, the joy of swap…

i should really update my shops…
it’s not that the wheel hasn’t been turning, it’s just been turning for the sake of swap, these days. i’m sort of addicted. it’s just such fun to share inspiration and experience the work of other fiber artists, and i just freaking love to get surprises in the mail. i’m also set up to do a swap with the fabulous Barefoot Potter for some lovely pieces she will be making for my son. SO excited. She makes these amazing Raku dresses…
and a teaser for you,

, as promised:

Red Asphalt is headed your way tomorrow, along with a friend:

Soft Scrap

they don’t really look like they’d hang with the same crowd, but they really are the best of friends.
Red Asphalt is some wicked-fluffy black corriedale lamb, with red sari bits and strips spun in throughout…i love this lambie…the fibers are so short, it’s like spinning cotton…wish i had more, but she’s probably all grown up by now…sniff.
Soft Scrap is…well, carded from scraps and spun soft and squishy-like.

the heat has me at a bit of a loss…brain feels like jam…signing out…


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