goodbye, friend…

Enki (Mr. Pie)

May 07, 2003 – June 28, 2007

oh, my ridiculous friend…
5AM will be an empty time without your wake-up call,
the one we always cursed…
your forlorn, nobody-ever-feeds-me, perpetually kittenish mew
so often grating to our sleepy morning ears
will be remembered with such fondness
that i will ache to hear it

your warbles, your rantings
your thunderings, like a stampede of wild horses
as you chase Nanni through the house
in the middle of the day
in the middle of the night
…at 5AM

when the boy says, “where’s the kittymeow go?”
what shall i say?
he went out to play and won’t be home again
at rest, at rest
but don’t worry, he’s around
his love is everywhere
his ecstatic purr in our hearts
….just listen

i will not forget you, friend…
you were the best pillow i ever had
comforted me through troubles
stood sentinel at the birth of my son
and later weathered the storm of excitable toddlerhood
with grace
but now, your tail is your own
you will not be a little boy’s “stool” to sit upon
and your eyes and ears will be free from curious little fingers

enjoy, my friend…
sunshine, moths and peanut butter
i will miss you
sorely, i will miss you
but am blessed to have had your company
for as long as i could have it
through the tears, my heart smiles
may you be happy, wherever you are, sweet Enki

Please squeeze the furry friends you love a little closer tonight.


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