moving on…

…but it’s hard. sigh. it’s amazing how much chatter our little four-legged creature contributed to the background of our home-life. everything seems so still and quiet in the mornings now. at this point, however, i can think of him and not break down into a million salty-wet pieces. that’s progress, i suppose.

THANK YOU to everyone who sent well wishes and supportive comments. every little bit of love helps. ๐Ÿ™‚

and, life goes on:

…a little beetle-orgy in the roses. it’s amazing what you can find when you stop to sniff the flowers. whoot!

no yarn pics today…all my current projects are still wet…so muggy today. perhaps tomorrow there will be a whole slew of them for your viewing pleasure. in the meantime, i have a picture up at The Yarn Museum for the Push Push gallery. okay, so maybe i’m not a genius with computers, but how do i change the pixel dimensions in Photoshop without totally distoring my photo? i’m sort of embarrassed by the photo of Giggleworm in the gallery.

so…what did i say when the little guy asked me where the “kittymeow” has gone? i said that he got a bobbin (a boo-boo) so big that he had to leave his body behind, and now he lives in our hearts. now little guy points to his tummy and says, “kitty in.” how sweet is that?

love to you all, pictures tomorrow…thanks again for your comments. ๐Ÿ™‚


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