light and breezy…

okay, so it was too muggy for anything i finished yesterday to really get dry…no teaser for you today, Natalie…maybe tomorrow!

but here is a custom order i did for a local friend:

…a summer yarn for her toddler…she’s going to knit a sweet little apron top and attach fabric to make it into a dress. can’t wait to see how it turns out…the yarn is called SeaSong and is a blend of undyed hemp and soysilk, and lots and lots of sari silk in blues and a hint of yellow…almost 300 yards.
this was super-fun to spin…i would make more if i wasn’t gearing up for fall shop updates…time to start blending hemp with wool again. did i just say that? yikes!

so, i’m getting Photoshop lessons from my dad, 3000 miles away. i send him photos, he makes changes and then breaks down for me exactly what he did to make the changes. our own little twist on “distance learning.” nifty.

’tis late, head hurts, signing out…


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