sun, sun, sun…thunderstorm!!! i do enjoy the unpredictable quality of new england weather, although i had to rush in my drying rack full of roving before it became wetter than it was when i brought it out this morning. i hear depeche mode chanting: “i’m waiting for [the wool to dry],” and yes, wool can save us all. but that doesn’t rhyme with dry. drat.

i did manage to get some teaser pics for Natalie

Neopolitan…handpainted wool and mohair spun into a soft, bouncy 2-ply. 90 yards of joy.

a strawberry/vanilla/chocolate ice-cream sandwich always awaited me after seemingly endless hours in the community swimming pool, where my grandpa would toss his keys into the deep end for me to fetch, a million times or more. he would sit, with one leg crossed, on a metal chair beneath an umbrella, reading the newspaper. he had, what seemed to me at the time, an enormous ring of keys. he would toss them into the water, go back to his newspaper, and i would fetch them. i took my time…would see how long i could hold my breath or how many circles i could swim around it before i had to grab them and come to the surface for air. i had a whole world down there…the keys became sunken treasure from a pirate’s shipwreck, or maybe i was a mermaid, and on the ocean floor a string of pearls caught my eye. always something new when i dove below, but always the same old keys when i handed them back to Grandpa. he would peek out from behind his newspaper when he heard the clanking of the keyring at the edge of the pool. i would toss them up to him, he would catch them, and with a wink and a smile, toss them in again…did he have any idea of the delightful adventures that sprung from that simple motion? i think of moments like that whenever i see my son get lost in wild play with a piece of ribbon or a cardboard box. when did life become so complicated, i wonder? why does that world of my imagination seem so far away, so lost in the stress and struggle of adult life, mommy life, modern life? another note to self: life is only as complicated and stressful as i allow it to be. so i can’t pay a fucking bill…that doesn’t mean i can’t still be a mermaid…

love to you grandpa, wherever you are…


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