rain, rain, go away…

i love it, we need it, but, but…why does the afternoon storm come only during the precious few moments i am allotted for picture-taking? sigh. if we had a functional porch, it wouldn’t matter, but alas, our porch is no dry haven.

good thing, though: my dad ROCKS. he gave me a photoshop tutorial over the phone today, and i successfully cropped and re-sized two photos afterwards, all by myself. this may sound like no big deal at all, but to me, the computer-dysfunctional…it’s a freaking miracle. i am no longer afraid to tackle learning how to update my website. this was the bigger hurdle for me, actually…take it apart, look at the pieces, see how they fit together to make it whole again…i can do the same thing with dreamweaver, right??

well, i’m content…and Linda, i re-submitted a couple of my pics, but i won’t be re-submitting the one for Push Push. the original was lost when my old computer crashed and the image i have has been played with so many times, that it looks much better as is,…and i am totally fine with that!

if it doesn’t rain on my photo parade tomorrow, i should have some fresh images to share…lots of works in progress, including some fun felted yarns…


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