mash em and squish em

hey all…

so, i am about to embark on a creative adventure most fun. the fella is putting together a playlist of Robyn Hitchcock songs for me to base my next series of yarns from. Happy the Golden Prince will have to be its own mini-series, i’m sure. should be some mad fun. tee hee.

okay, so did you ever wonder what would happen if you took all the muppets, whirled them up in the blender, and then whirled them into a yarn?
i tried it:

this is Muppet Mash II, a felted, bulky single of rainbow-dyed wool/mohair. fluffy, bumpy, fuzzy and over 100 yards. will list on Etsy tonight.

and another teaser for Natalie:

…that’s 3 out of 4 finished, Natalie…tonight i play with turqoise mohair…

and a special order for Megan…a rainbow single:

…which is, i must say, a total departure from my usual style…especially in color…but it was a fun dye and spin…goodness knows we can use some color around here…yes, it is still grey and raining today.


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