i heart craigslist…

…enough said, i think.

too frazzled to write, but here are some things to look at:

a sunny picture of a yarn i sent to

 called The Pixie Does a Lichen Dance. or something like that. it’s soft and earthy-mossy, subdued and gentle. coopworth, cotswold, silk noil, flax and sparkle…

and a little more ice cream for my Etsy shop:

Neopolitan revisited. 104 yards, 4.2 oz.

tired. lots of driving this weekend. but, hooray for hanging out with

! she rocks. her man gave me some of his homebrewed beer…and i liked it. um…what? i don’t like beer! i drank a whole half cup of it…more beer than i’ve ever had in one sitting in my whole life. crazy.
i also played with holly’s lendrum and am now starting a fund, as i must have one. buy some yarn if you want to contribute. or buy my louet! i’m not kidding. 🙂


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