something to look at…

will do a real post someday when i’m not consumed with monthly pains and hormonal surges. today i’d rather just cry and mope than write about it.
in the meantime, some goodies to be sent off for a wholesale order:

it’s a bit random, but there are some pairs and a few very yummy shawl kits that i haven’t photographed yet and a few that are still drying. i constructed a lightbox, btw, but haven’t had any luck with “daylight” bulbs. those of you who use a lightbox for photographing yarn…do you use regular full spectrum bulbs or halogen??? i’d rather not fork it out for halogen, but the light is already changing with approaching autumn, and i will need to do more of my photography indoors. someday i will live in a house that actually receives some natural light during the day. until then, i must try my best to make artifical look natural. any suggestions?


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