Here he is:

Aster was wet-felted at his core, then lovingly needle-felted layer by layer to his current softball-size. He comes complete with three volcanoes, a blowhole, and two mountain ranges. He will stand up for you on any flat surface, with his three firm, sparkly legs. He is very soft, and when you have the urge…he likes to be picked up and cuddled, and may reward you with a jingle!

He was hard to photograph this evening…someday I will get lightbulbs for the lightbox…really, I will. Anyway, he’s listed on Etsy and on my website here.

Here is something else to look at:

This is CreekThrash…I wanted to spin a yarn that looked like the rocks and pebbles beneath the water at our old creek-thrashing haunt in Sunol, CA. The yellow coils are my ode to the sulfur…
I miss you every day this time of year…such a special place…
Anyway, it’s deliciously soft, but already gone.

More soon, more soon…


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