i’ve been having fun with felt.

i think i look pissed off, but C says i look “purposeful.’
i chose this picture for the website instead:

i can’t stand pictures of myself. i think this is the first time i’ve ever posted one. i copped out on the ‘about’ page on my website, and put up a picture of my boy where there ‘should’ be a picture of me.
anyway, the scarf was made using the Nuno felting technique, with coopworth, BL/Romney cross wool, and silk chiffon fabric. it’s a very physical technique, and my back felt great when i was done.
so, i made some other things:

the Treefrog scarf and the Sea and Sky headwrap will be up on my Shoppe and Etsy, but i’m keeping the Mudflap scarf (on the left). more to come this week and next.

okay, back to threading fir cones with mohair…that’s all for now.


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