i DO smile


…Veronica is soaking in the sink…will get some pics tomorrow when she’s dry. She took precedence over my Robyn yarn that i painstakingly poked strands of mohair into tiny fir cones for. What?!?!? And HC is about to make her way onto the bobbin. HM will be a bit of a challenge, as my yellow silk stash is small, but a little yellow does go a long way. HD will be a cinch as i have gobs of green. this is too ridiculously fun. if i weren’t splitting kid-duty i’d probably spin them all up today!

in other news…see the subject. i DO. i really do smile.  a LOT. i can be absolutely clownish at times. i just don’t ‘pose for snaps’ very well. i’ve certainly been captured smiling in photographs, but only when i’m caught unawares. my mom saw my last post and emailed me: “Very nice. But what part of SMILE don’t you get?”

okay, back to my precious-little studio time.


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