…and her name is Veronica


, here she is:

Veronica is white cotswold, blended with hemp, blue sparkle, sari silk in a myriad of blue hues, with strips of sari spun in throughout, then plied with electric blue and black threads. she’s here in my shop.

and some more felting:

Saltwater Taffy
…an experiment in how thin i could make the felt and retain integrity. it’s like paper. soft, warm, like…paper-as-garment, only it’s wool and silk.

Silent Movie
…black corriedale lamb, white cotswold, and grey silk chiffon. thicker than the above, and very cozy.

all are up on the website. i re-sized everything again, this time toning done the size of all the yarn images (thumbs and bigger) so it should be a slightly quicker load and a bit more pleasing to the eye.

finished the first Robyn yarn yesterday…only one fir cone was crushed…the first one that was spun in…i guess the weight of the whole yarn on the bobbin was too much for it…held up to washing and swinging around over my head to get the water out (had to be careful of the cones…so no slapping or pressing too hard between towels), and i’m very pleased with how it turned out. will post pics tomorrow-ish.

happy friday!


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