forgot to take a photo, but the spiced crab apples are smashingly tasty and so beautiful…rosy and plump, swimming in tangy sweet syrup. we only made three pints to put away for the winter, but that’s what you do on a limited budget with only a small stockpot to do your canning in. pick-your-own apples are happening pretty soon, though, and i’m determined to pack a case of quart-sized jars full of applesauce. i think we can only fit two quart jars in our stockpot, so i’m sure it will take a whole day! but, it will be worth it in february when all i want is a taste of the sweet bliss of autumn that comes and goes so quickly in these parts.

and, speaking of yum, here is another scarf, in all its dark chocolate-y glory:

…another super-thin number, in 100% naturally chocolate brown alpaca felted into srips of dark chocolate silk chiffon. a few bits of the farm and some strands of sari silk float throughout. everything i make ends up with sari silk in it somewhere…even dinner.

and to round out the meal, here’s some Lilac Wine:

…spun up from handpainted millend (oops! see comment below) wool and some wine-y mystery wool i scored in a swap with

, plied with lavender and burgundy threads. she’s wicked-awesome with the dye, she is!


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