fun with fluff…and what i SHOULD be when i grow up…

the fun:

Purple Pebble…a custom nuno felt scarf for a friend who likes…purple!

, this is made with the gorgeous “jewel” merino and some bits from the “sunrise over the pacific” merino, and strips of gray silk chiffon.

…my version of the Granny’s Couch yarn for the tweed couch-along!
BL/Romney cross, lots of random bits of faded colors, buttons from Granny’s funky pillows, and lots and lots of Ecospun (recycled soda bottles) “stuffing” popping out all over, all wrapped up in lavender and cream threads. This couch has been loved!

Ashley…a leftovers yarn that looks just like your standard goth chick, so i named it after one…bits of icelandic, soysilk, and rovings from previous projects.

Samhain…a custom Halloween gnome for a friend. i apologize for the bad lighting. kiddo was napping in the car and i tried to steal a few moments of picture snapping whilst staying near the driveway…

oh, and here are my results for that quiz that’s going round and round the LJ:





Animal Caretaker



Sign Maker



Pet Groomer



Fashion Designer









Nursery / Greenhouse Grower






Costume Designer

food for thought, i guess, but i think zoos are an abomination. our son has been to one once, just before he was two. he was very confused and upset by how sad the animals looked. they seemed like shells of themselves, and just hearing about it from c made me want to cry. it’s not the small animals, so much, but the elephants, the elephants! wtf are elephants doing in RI, anyway? the probably would have had more room in our backyard than they had at that zoo. they’d be much better off taking their chances with poachers in Africa than living like zombies and slowly losing their minds. longevity or quality of life? i would take the latter any day.

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