just call me june…

day two of flying solo with the little bean, and i became the perfect housewife…fed the chickens, tore apart the bed, washed the sheets, hung them out on the line to dry, took the sheepskin off the bed, hung it out on the line, too, beat it, brushed it, made veggie stock, made granola bars from scratch, made squash soup with the veggie stock from squash that grew out of our compost pile, did major dishes, folded clothes…all whilst chasing the boy around and making sure he didn’t cut himself with kitchen knives whilst ‘helping’ me in the kitchen.

funny…all that and i felt like i didn’t do anything all day, and that my most productive moment was carding a few batts this morning….

tomorrow is a nursery school day…

, this means something fuzzy for you! sorry for the delay, but the past few days just did not turn out as planned!!! i now officially have ‘studio’ hours W, Th, and F…whooooooo!

oh, and i hired a Production Assistant:

Apparently, he thinks that pants are optional in the workplace.


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