I want to wear the Perfect Autumn Day

I know, technically, there are 3 more days until it’s really, truly Autumn…but I have a bushel of apples in my kitchen and today was The Perfect Autumn Day.
I spend my studio time at a friend’s house who lives near the nursery school my son attends. She has a lovely home and gorgeous land to roam around on…
Today I forgot to bring the drive band for my wheel. After felting 13 spider bodies for a spooky-season yarn, I was at a loss and decided to explore…I found a little trail beyond the garden, invited the dog to follow, and we tromped through the soft bed of bright, fresh-fallen leaves until we reached a pond. I basked in the warm late summer sun, amongst the sounds of crickets and dog paddling, drinking in the glorious palette of colors around me: the white bark of the curving birch trees, the green of the grass, still so lush and sparkling, the golden leaves, brown umbrella mushrooms, and the smooth, wet gray stones…I look to my right and see a small, lone blackberry bush. Upon it are three luscious blackberries, at the peak of juicy perfection. They must be the last three blackberries in all the world, I tell myself. I haven’t seen any berries in weeks….They are delicious and I savor each one as a precious gift, a sweet good-bye to a summer that came and went in a blink. They were just for me, those berries. For a moment, I saw it all covered in a blanket of snow, and my mind panicked and rushed quickly to erase the thought. I must capture this, all of this, I thought. Spin it all up into a yarn, whirl it all into one beautiful story, hundreds of yards of this moment, and then knit, knit, knit until I have a shawl to wrap around me always, this warm, perfect day, like a hug from an old friend, the laughter of my sweet boy, and all my hopes and dreams for perfect days to come…yes, I will wrap this shawl around me when the bitter-cold of winter, the melancholy of sunless days and the longing for home threaten to darken my spirits.
May you all have the Perfect Autumn Day…


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