Up The Water Spout:

Handpainted targhee, white tunis, and 13 felted spiders with mohair-y legs! Navajo 3-plied…


Spun from handcarded batts with a little bit of everything: icelandic, corriedale, sparkle galore (thanks

!), and various oddments including 2 pieces of glass candy, 2 poisoned plastic apples, orange glass cube beads and novelty threads.

Tee hee. Them’s were fun to spin…I won’t be listing them in my shop for a bit, as I’m waiting on a copy of Dreamweaver. No updates until I get the program and get it installed, ’cause I’m lost without it. Anyway, they are up for grabs, so if you want one…leave me a comment or shoot me an email.

Lovely Equinox to all…we celebrated with a backyard bonfire, a golden split-pea soup full of goodies from the farmer’s market, and my favorite pie of all time: pumpkin made with fresh pumpkins from the market (and coconut instead of cow’s milk). yum.

Oh, and I gathered materials for the Wuzzlefubber challenge (see

‘s journal):

…and then I realized that the deadline is Tuesday and not Thursday. No way, man. Oh, well.


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