…a bust, in more ways than one…

the plan? a productive weekend…felting, spinning, carding, printing.

well, the universe said HA! Fat chance, sucka! it started with something so innocent…crushing garlic with the flat side of the veggie knife. the recently sharpened veggie knife. so, yes, it slipped and sheared off a decent portion of the palm of my left hand, like skinning an apple. that was friday. no felting for me this weekend. spinning and printing, though…i can handle that.

HA! Mastitis, round 4. in the morning yesterday, i was fine. wound was healing, so let’s get on with it, right? by the early afternoon, i was racked with pain and nausea as i’d gone into full infection-fighting mode, fever chills, i’m hot, now i’m cold, don’t touch me, don’t even look at me. my head feels like a hot air balloon, but i had to take a break from laying around moaning and groaning. i shouldn’t be getting these…my son is 2 1/2! i suppose it’s a big FAT sign that it’s time to wean him completely.

well, before i go back to my hot compresses and gallons of nettle tea, here is a little pretty thing to look at:

tunis, merino cross, BL/Romney cross and novelty threads, navajo 3-plied.

wish me a good fight, as i’m determined to make it through this one without antibiotics.
moan, groan, bye bye…


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