eep. most of my posts have been locked, as of late…it’s just been that sort of a few weeks. i am busily preparing for upcoming winter events. it’s overwhelming and for some masochistic reason, i keep heaping more onto my holiday plate…now i’m signed up to vend at a day-after-Thanksgiving fundraiser for my son’s school, and am likely also participating in the local holiday fair the following week. Craftland goodies are due sooner than soon, and shortly after that i will be shipping out some inventory for SF Baz Biz. there are also a thousand and one knitting projects in the works…one being a sweater made with my handspun (i like to have swatches and what-not to show how my yarns knit up, but thought…hey, why not just go for a whole handspun garment?), but i have no idea if i’ll be able to finish it in time. thank goodness my mother will be here tomorrow (and for a whole week!)…thank you in advance, mom, for being such an awesome babysitter housekeeper personal chef grandma!

maybe i’ll even get some pictures done this weekend. stay tuned, but don’t hold your breath. 🙂


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