at least a thousand pounds…

…of stress is weighing me down. I think I will have to bail on one of the local craft shows. Between illnesses, broken cars and the like, I have not been able to get even a fraction of the necessaries completed. My Craftland booty will be sparse…not nearly what I was hoping to send out, but what can I do? Bailing on a local show will help me have a good presence at SFBB, so I think it will be worth it to take just a little bit of that stress away. This is supposed to be FUN and fulfilling, not a mad, headache-inducing scramble.

Here’s something to look at:

…a scrappity blend, all warm colors, plied with thread. she’s soooooft.

okay, so…Ravelry. i’m starting to figure some things out, and even added some projects and profile stuff and will soon have a “yarnie” page. i’m discovering that i really like it.


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