only precious few hours until…Robyn!

in other news,…we have SNOW. on the GROUND. it STUCK. eh.

…that’s our lilac tree. and that’s my car. i don’t like this. NOT READY.

in other, other news. i sent off my Craftland goods a few days ago:

i got some really awesome roving that i had processed at a small mill, and it’s so wonderful just to spin as is, that i’m doing something i don’t normally do…spinning it up and dyeing it afterwards. i’m happy with the results, and am contemplating leaving a batch of yarns white for folks who like to play with dyeing yarns. maybe. i do, however, doubt my ability to resist keeping them out of the dyepots myself.

anyway, here’s more:

…felted bead sets in cute little organza bags. 20+ beads per bag, a mixture of balls and swirls. they were fun to make, but i don’t think i’ll offer it regularly. i prefer making flat felt pieces.

and some good times with the Gocco:

…the paper is handmade by kk-nola, and the texture made it really difficult to print on. but i love having handmade/recycled paper to offer.

that’s all for now. must pack the overnight bag. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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