oh, Canada…

border patrol fella, he says: did you bring anything back with you?
we say: no, sir.
what i want to say is: oh my, yes…we’ve brought an immeasurable quantity of bliss, a fabulously goofy t-shirt and at least an ounce of wince-worthy embarrassment.

the immeasurable quantity of bliss was bestowed upon me by dear Robyn, who performed an amazing and lovely show at the Cabaret in Montreal last night. the glorious

 and her man saved seats for C and I right up in front, and i will be forever grateful.  the venue was intimate…my favorite sort of place to experience live performance, and the set was concluded with an acoustic serenade one foot from my chair…so close that i was all at once totally enraptured and completely unnerved. ‘Swirling’ was a most beautiful moment and ‘I Often Dream of Trains’ gave me tremendous amounts of warm fuzzies.

the shirt…well, that needs no explanation.

on to the embarrassment: after the show i met robyn, and i kept my cool for about half a second before i became a perfectly fantastic idiot. prior to that moment, i was thinking…you know, he’s just a guy who happens to be a brilliant artist. i don’t have to freak out…i can just speak with him as i would any other human being…so i tried that approach. i fell into blithering nonsense shortly thereafter and somewhere in there handed him my business card and told him about the yarn series i’ve been making, inspired by his music. oh, yikes. i was unable to decipher his expression…whether it was genuine interest or carefully concealed disgust.

well, that said, i’m going upstairs to card some fiber batts for a Madonna of the Wasps yarn, but how I will do that with my head buried in the sand, I do not know.

in other news, we came home to vermont at 3 AM, our son sleeping peacefully, having had a wonderful time on his first night without us. there were no tears…why does that make me want to cry? 🙂

hope you all had a great weekend!


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