anyone? bueller?

I am coming to terms with the other night’s embarrassing moment. I have realized that, no matter what I thought about how I would present myself to someone I am tremendously inspired by, that these thoughts occur in a bubble of the-ideal-situation. Like, sitting down for a cup of tea together or, phew-isn’t-it-nice-that-we-don’t-have-to-speak-awkwardly-loudly-in-order-to-hear-each-other (and-there’s-not-a-bunch-of-other-folks-who-want-you-to-sign-stuff). In reality, I had 45-seconds to nervously blurt at Robyn, and I’m sure he’s quite used to people acting that way. It must be tiresome at the same time that it must be flattering. Anyway, I’m done being hard on myself about it.

Okay, so i will NOT be seeing all you lovely people at the BBB. I have made an oops by scheduling my flight out to CA for the SFBB at 6 AM on December 9th. I was so looking forward to it, but alas…

Coming to the Craftland opening party on Nov. 30 is a possibility, but only if I can meet up with someone near-ish to me, as I am really not a good driver after dark. Anyone in Southern Vermont-ish area? Not likely, but I could meet up in Mass or NH…
It’s a long drive from here, but just thought I’d throw it out there.


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