short notice…

…if anyone wants to send me any promo stuffs for my goodie bags at SFBB, please email me: and i’ll give you my address. i have cutesy little shopping bags that i want to use to spread the crafty goodness and help support all you glorious handmakers. so yeah,…biz cards, buttons, small sample-y things…i will disperse them to the masses. please respond ASAP if you’re into it, as i’m leaving for the West Coast on the 9th of December! wheeee!

i will be photographing inventory later this week and will post teasers, oh yes.

and, um…i can’t believe i’ve been so scattered as to forget to post about this:

if any of you MA, NH, VT -ish area people are interested in a Pluckyfluff spinning camp, i have offered to host such an event at my home/studio in southern Vermont. date is to be determined, and is dependent upon getting the required number of folks signed up, but a weekend in February/March is what’s on the table. if you’re interested, comment or email me (see above). it will be fun, i assure you, with a cozy wood fire to spin by and hot cider on tap.

and, locals to the Bratt area…don’t forget: the Brattleboro Area Farmer’s Market Holiday Fair is this Saturday, December 1st, starting at 9AM!! we will be located at the River Garden on Main Street. Indoors! Food! Awesome local crafters!

‘night ‘night!


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