the countdown begins…

…6 days until i head out West for crafting mania and:

there is still SO MUCH TO DO:

1 more bamboo/romney blend yarn
4 more skeins of Moon Rocks (today)
Heliotrope (she worships the sun) Robyn yarn (tomorrow)
a handful of cards left to Gocco (tomorrow)
card up merino for 10 more felt scarves (whenver i have a moment)
cut felt pieces for pins (wednesday)
make pins! (next week)
felt 10 scarves! (thursday and next week)
photograph, photograph, photograph!

At least i will have almost a week after arriving in CA (with six eager grandparents to enjoy and distract the little guy) to finish things up. I must ship out the bulk of my inventory via UPS later this week, along with supplies to finish up whatever I have left to do when I get there. I have brother-in-law (I hope) to help me build some funky displays, as I will not be shipping my usual display items, and will have to start from scratch and scrounge pretty table things from friends and family…

I have the good fortune of having so much help from my big sis (check out her biz!), and she will be hangin’ with me during the show.

The Bratt Holiday Fair on Saturday was slow, in part, i think, because it was ridiculously cold and unfriendly for walking about downtown, but I still made out decently and enjoyed getting feedback and meeting local fiber enthusiasts. I also think it was a smidge too early for folks to get really excited about holiday shopping. The atmosphere seemed a bit…reserved, and I was asked several times if I would be coming back to the next few farmers markets before Christmas. I did learn that my focus before SFBB needs to be on finished wearables, as these items attracted many a non-knitter to my table, and sold equally as well as the fiber supplies.

Needless to say, I must lock myself in the studio with my drum carder today. Someday, when the dust settles, I will talk about something else. In the meantime, enjoy some Moon Rocks:

White cotswold carded with just enough sparkle and tons of chunky dyed corriedale locks and spun bulky single. It was impressive and lovely as several skeins in a pile…will replenish this one for SFBB, as it was the first to be snatched away this past weekend.

Am bringing equipment and will post update immediately following the Dec. 15th event, as the shop is quite sparse until then. If you want to know exactly when that happens, please sign up for my newsletter.

Oh, and my favorite yarn perch for photographing my work is now covered in this awful stuff called snow:

The mound beyond the fence is my car. I think. The snow is piled up all the way to the bumper, and the snow is still falling steadily. I am not going anywhere today. Thank goodness I have candied ginger and chocolate chips in the house. If I’m confined to the indoors, I will have proper tea with ginger scones, oh yes. C had a snow day, too, which is both good and bad (flist folks perhaps understand why). Anyway, I wouldn’t mind the frozen fluff so much if I didn’t need to take so many photographs of my work, or maybe if we felt like we had enough wood for the winter. I might suit up the wee man and toss him out to make some angels…

…okay, speaking of the wee man, I have to tell this story.

So, little guy is lying on the couch this morning. I just took off his diaper and was letting him air out a bit before bundling him up in a thousand layers for the day. A few minutes later, I have his clothes and everything ready and there he is, spread eagle on his back, rolling his penis around in his hands saying, “make it big, make it big!” and proceeding to give himself a little erection. I stifled a giggle until I was out of the room, and came back a respectful few minutes later to get him dressed. Keep in mind this boy is two-and-a-half and absolutely delights in every single bodily fluid and function. Anyway, I had no idea I would be walking in on that sort of thing already! HA! He also told me this morning that he wants to spit on the lightbulbs. Why? I dunno, Mama.

I will leave you with some felt:

Happy Monday!!!


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