…you just need something simple…and…lime-y.

100% fluffy-soft romney wool, kettle-dyed, spun up and plied with sparkle.
this was one of my last dyepots…i don’t like going out into the 10 degree evening to mix dyes, nor do i like to have the dyepots simmering when i cannot open any windows. i know they are supposedy non-toxic when mixed, but i don’t buy that it’s safe to breathe in the vapors and let them be trapped in an old farmhouse with zero ventilation all winter long. SO. all fibers will still be farm-fresh, humane, sustainable, what-have-you…just not dyed by me until the summer rolls around again.

okay, so i guess i’m making progress…

1 more bamboo/romney blend yarn

4 more skeins of Moon Rocks
Heliotrope (she worships the sun) Robyn yarn (making the flowers now, will spin this afternoon)
a handful of cards left to Gocco (tonight)
card up merino for 10 more felt scarves (this morning)
cut felt pieces for pins (um…tomorrow?)
make pins! (next week)
felt 10 scarves! (tonight, tomorrow, saturday)
photograph, photograph, photograph!

damn, i really wanted to cross off more things from this list. bleh.

happy thursday!


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