on home turf…

so, everything arrived safely (except for two pairs of the animal-topped glass knitting needles. f&#%!) i’m here in CA a-crafting like craziness until Saturday, when hopefully i will be a-selling like craziness. i was too exhausted to move after a whole day of traveling with toddler, so went to bed early last night and waited until this morning to play with felt. it was like an old friend.

sigh. it’s almost warm and there is actual sun and it’s actually shining…nothing like the dull gray of my VT winter sky. it is difficult to resist the urge to hang out and bask, but there is so much i have left to do. i fully intend to see some old friends, enjoy some much-needed family time and raid a few urban thrift stores, but that only leaves the option of burning the midnight oil to feel ready for the show. i guess i’m okay with that for one more week. then it will be on to burning the midnight oil s’more to finish holiday stuffs. wheee. can i sleep in 2008? pretty please??!?

e., you’re so awesome. thanks for letting us crash with you and for cooking a most amazing meal. you must pass along that kale recipe, as i am salivating just thinking about it.

happy monday!


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