there is a very large banana slug in my mouth…

…or maybe it’s my tongue. thank you muches for the well wishes, all. i survived, four shots of anesthesia later, and minus a little piece of myself. must get bridge soon as this ‘stay plate’ looks terrible. at least, it’s obvious to me that it’s not my tooth. let me tell you how much i LOVE that it’s my front bottom tooth. yeah.

2 hours i must wait to feel like i have a normal-sized face again, and clear liquids until tomorrow afternoon. i have been spoiled visiting my folks and being so close to cafe gratitude…can someone please bring me a gallon of ‘i am inspired?’ i feel i must drink as many avocados as i can whilst here where they grow.

so, i am well enough to craft. 1 more nuno felt piece to go, and several secret surprises. they involve a christmas tree for display. can you guess what they are?

love and cuddles. that is all.


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