…with a BANG!

oh, yes, that is how my 2008 began…in the form of the little guy splitting his head open whilst goofing off and evading diaperage. backwards arch right smack into the futon frame. whoot! not bad enough to go to the hospital, mind you. just a little welt the size of arkansas and a smiley-face gash that stopped bleeding quickly. a little rescue remedy and we were all feeling better (much more traumatic for c and i, for sure).

very soon after, the boy was in his usual insanely jubilant state. a highlight of the first day of the year: the boy pulling felt balls off his ‘jester’ shoes and saying, “Mama, I’m pinching my balls off!”  remind me not to let him out of the house in said shoes.

so, the plow destroyed our mailbox and i forgot to go to the actual post office today to pick up our mail…tomorrow, though, i will be getting my netflix, oh yes…and dear miss E., i do believe it’s Pump Up the Volume waiting for me there. i am on assignment to create a yarn based on a particular scene in PUtheV, and it’s been at least a decade since i’ve seen the movie.

, i know you can appreciate this challenge!

i have pictures, i really do…of glorious snowfall and snow angels and such…just not at the ready. boo for my text-y posts as of late.

and, i have things…oh, yes, things for the shoppe to be photographed and posted, but hell no i’m not going out in the 7 degrees with windchill of -20 tomorrow to get frostbite whilst posing yarns and things. the weekend is supposed to be a balmy 30-something degrees, maybe even 40 (oh bliss!), so then, for sure i will brave it for the sake of updating… one hint: s-h-a-w-l k-i-t.

okay, off to fill my frozen body with hot chai and chocolate cookies.


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