okay, don’t laugh…

…but this is my first-ever Snowman:

I had help from the progeny…hence the third arm protruding from Snowman’s shoulder. And yes, that is his name. Conversation went like this:
ME: So, does our Snowman have a name?
ME: Okay, what’s his name?
ME: Fair enough.

No spinning today. Boo. Double-boo. Sorry, E…will get on it tomorrow, as I will not have any site updates to do (yes, i updated the shoppe with shawl closures and buttons by Moving Mud). Also, my child does not nap and C is ill. Why? I am fighting the urge to stay up and spin because I’m so excited about the project, but am currently drugging myself with chamomile and catnip in an attempt to actually fall asleep before midnight.

Note to the Universe: I am disliking insomnia muchly. Please make it go away.
night night! (for reals)


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