the hat!

okay, so he’s been asking me to knit him a hat every winter for the last three years. what the hell is my problem?? but here, it is done, and it is very cozy and warm from some of my own handspun icelandic wool and a fabulous free pattern by Woolly Wormhead. i wish i’d taken pictures before he wore it to the job and got shredded cellulose insulation all over it. ah, well. you get the point.

the ‘nora’ yarn is done, and currently soaking in the sink…i wish i could photograph it right now, as i am very pleased. the husband seemed a smidge amused at how seriously i took this project as i explained each element and why it was included. harumph. i am an artist, okay? i will spare such explanations here until there are photos to accompany them. no chance tomorrow as it is supposed to rain buckets. thursday will be my lucky photo day…although i’m sure most of that wonderful snow will be washed away or smushy mucky filthy ick by the time the rain has had it’s way with my wednesday.

here’s to hoping you all stay warm and dry!


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