(for E)…and I bring you…


I just couldn’t take the one scene entirely out of context. yes, here is the sweater (so, so soft targhee wool), with some stripes here and there, but…hello! please, let us set the scene, shall we? this is about a dance…the push and pull of teenage desire and longing coupled with the awkwardness of inexperience. mark’s blue jeans (recycled denim, corriedale wool, merino and more targhee) and nora’s plushy sweater…the latter comes off in a bold move that bares more than just her breasts…read me like an open book, i am terrified just like everyone else but i’m not afraid of it, read me like an open book.

nora’s lipstick the next morning at school is bright and seeking…and in this yarn shows up in poofs of bright red merino…tendrils reaching out…and who could forget mark’s checkered shirt…it’s in there, too…lookie at the bottom left photo.

and the sequins? who doesn’t love black and white striped tights? they’re so…nora, and could not go unrepresented.

i’m tired. and a little nerdy.


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