mine, mine, mine

yes, i finally knit something for myself, and here it is for your viewing pleasure (although,

 saw it first!):

oh yes,

, this is from the ultra-fabulous yarn you sent my way for our swap. it was waiting to become the perfect hat, and when i saw the top-down ribbed beanie on ravelry, i knew i’d found it. i need things to be very customizable, as i am wee (and so is my noggin).

okay, more later, but in case anyone is wondering, i did update my Etsy, but have not had a moment (or twenty) to update the website.
this, however, will be a regular feature on the site:

‘Everything Nice’–yarns made of a little bit of anything and everything in the fiber stash, carded all up with no rhyme nor reason, and not limited to wool or even fiber, for that matter (hence the sprinkling of sequins and pompoms). basically, whatever i can shove in the drumcarder or find lying around that i can stick into a yarn is game, and i will endeavor to always have a few available on the site.



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