that’s how long it takes to update the website.
i am going to leave this room and not look at my computer for at least several hours. my eyes are on fire. i did a mini-overhaul of the website, spiffing up the shop menu and such and adding some new things to most of the pages. i’m thinking about breaking up the yarn into category pages, but not so sure. i just think it’s kind of overwhelming to look at a page full of yarn pics with no rhyme or reason. besides, i have a few in mind that are going to be ‘regulars,’ so they should have a special section. any suggestions?

i’m going to have a sale for the month of february, and a drawing for a free yarn or scarf (winner’s choice) so please get signed up for the newsletter if you want the coupon code and to play. i don’t spam my subscribers, i promise. at the most, you’ll get an email from me once per month, usually with a promo coupon, and on occasion, news about special events and new items.

okay, time to rest my eyes and have some breakfast (yes, i know it’s the afternoon).


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