in case you didn’t know…

a “U” is really just a “piece of ‘O’.”
thank you for clarifying, son.

and…this photo-essay is especially for

 (and especially especially the bananas. heh.):

…where it all happens

…where we play puzzles in the winter morning light…

…please note the tiny chef next to the fridge

…it’s always important to grind your pepper on the floor…you know, just to make sure your peppermill works.

…the pantry

…the empty bottle collection for when the husband starts brewing his own beer.

…ugh. as in UGLY. this used to be a perfectly beautiful, functional beehive oven…but somebody years ago totally destroyed it and the previous owners (fools…it was probably them), put the kitchen in this room and made it even worse, likely unsalvageable. anyway, the pantry used to be the kitchen. crazy.

…and here is a close-up of the little ball of fluff you can see in the top right of the previous picture. she is our kitchen cat. she spends 90% of her day in this very spot. sometimes i stop by and check to see that she is still alive. it’s kind of creepy the way she just never moves.

and there you have it!


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