A Perfect Day…

…blue sky, meadow grass and fluffy white clouds. this is a shout-out to the universe: i am done with winter. k?
this one will be listed soon, but not quite yet as i spun up enough for a wrap kit and have mailed a sample up to the darlings at Moving Mud and they will be making a beautiful shawl closure to match it, plus some others for yet more kits.

moments after taking these photographs out on the snow, i slipped on the ice that is covering our back steps and went flying into our slate-tiled mudroom and crashed. hard. i cannot spin tonight, as i tweaked the hand that was holding the camera, in an effort to save it from certain death (and now, after husband took it almost completely apart, it does work again. it was in critical condition for a while, there. phew!), and i now have a second knee that has sprouted on my shin, directly below my biological knee. perfect day, indeed. i feel like i’ve been hit by a bus.

january is so fired.


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