zombie me

i was abducted by the nightmare-illness-from-hell (read: sinus infection/ear infection/pink eye/deep chest cold/fever and chills…all at once)…and after well over a week, it is starting to lose it’s hold and i feel as though i’m crawling slowly back, shrouded in fog-brain and i think my congested head weighs five million pounds. but, alas, i can see and hear and feel as though i can almost be productive today. i tried spinning while i was in the midst of the crud, but was so drained that the creative juices were a mere trickle and difficult to extract. oh, well. big updates will be pushed back to mid-february, but what, oh what can i do, eh?

in the meantime, everything, and i mean everything in the Shoppe will be on sale, 15% off (and even more to Newsletter subscribers, so if you haven’t signed up yet…do it!) plus a raffle/drawing for a free skein of handspun, starting this weekend. will post announcement, but wanted to give a heads-up for folks to get on the Newsletter. time to clean house, er…shop, so as to make room for lots of new yarns, kits, glass (hint: glass knitting needles with mice on top! oh, the cuteness abounds), and patterns (no hints, but oh, how i heart French Girl). sigh.

so, this is what happens when you try to cook multi-step meals when your brain is swimming in sick:

i killed the pan. our favorite size copper-bottom pan. i forgot there were veggies steaming in it, and the water ran out. we noticed the toxic molten metal smell coming from the kitchen (even through our clogged sinuses…yikes!), but we were too late to save it, poor dear. must thrift a new one. sniff, sniff.

and i’m working on this:

pardon my picture-of-a-picture…it’s for the little guy’s Ostara/Equinox/Easter giftie. his name will be Eastara the Bun. heh. anyway, think i’ll put it together without the chiffon-y bow. i’m thinking he’ll need a tougher accessory than that to be suitable. so far i have the ears, head and belly knitted. my only complaint is that there are so many damn pieces to seam up and sew together…easy peasy, otherwise. it’s a pattern by Marie Grace.

Happy Wednesday…


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