Ghost Girl…

Spin Challenge #5: Circle the Wagons

Alrighty, here she is:

Ghost Girl of the Illinois Prairie
The base is a blend of white coopworth, butterscotch-y BL/Romney cross, green Romney and a few other random bits. I wanted it to be the silver-green of wild prairie grass. I got it, baby. It’s rounded out with bits of torn-up prairie dress, and blobs of merino and curly mohair wildflowers, all wrapped up in lavender and cream threads.
I’d been reading up on prairie ghost stories…Illinois has a bunch…hauntings galore. Anyway, when the husband saw the yarn, he came up with a gruesome name suggesting Ghost Girl met her untimely end via cannibalism in a particularly brutal winter (‘We’ll Eat Your Sister First’), but I don’t think that’s what happened to Ghost Girl. Isn’t it prairie dogs that eat each other?
Anyway, the subject of the movie Ravenous was on the table, so it was a natural progression…in a ridiculous sort of way.

And here’s how the navajo-plying turned out:

Orange Crush (on you)
It came out worsted-ish weight, and very rope-y. It would make a great bag. Will post on the site tomorrow, and Ghost Girl will be submitted to the Yarn Museum and up for sale on Homestead Wool and Gift Farm’s site (I think that’s how it works).

and i leave you with…

The latest fashion craze at our house…pastry bag tip fingernails. Oh, yes. And Mama’s shoes on the wrong feet.


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